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What if when we die, we don’t die?

And what if heaven isn’t what we think it is?

Then what?


“Adventures in the Afterlife” is the gripping tale of one man’s journey into the afterlife. Frank Brooks, 37, attorney, receives a diagnosis of inoperable cancer and quickly passes into the hereafter. As Frank soon discovers, however, the death of his body was not an ending – but rather the beginning of an exciting and transformative journey.


When Frank arrives in “heaven,” he’s greeted by his mother. He almost doesn’t recognize her since the last time he saw her she was old and sickly. As she tells him, “everyone can be young and healthy in heaven.” Both relieved and excited, he joins his mother in a community of quaint little homes with white picket fences that’s dominated by Frank’s childhood religion. At first, it all seems too good to be true. However, when Frank discovers that neither the figures from his religion, nor many of his friends and family from earth (including his own father) are anywhere to be found, he begins to question whether or not this is in fact heaven. His probing is taken as insubordination by the church’s leaders, and, after a couple of failed attempts by them to get him back in line with the group-consensus thought, Frank finds himself an outcast. In the first act climax, he makes the gut-wrenching decision to leave his mother and her community behind, and set out on his own in search of the true heaven. Little does Frank know that his adventures are just beginning.


“Adventures in the Afterlife” is a powerful tale of spiritual awakening where old assumptions about death are cast aside and a compelling new vision of the ongoing nature of life is presented. The insights are breathtaking and at times, even shocking. But the message is clear: we are powerful, spiritual beings who possess the ability to shape our own reality, both now and in the afterlife.

The Book

Written by William Buhlman, “Adventures in the Afterlife” is a self-publishing phenomenon, amassing a huge audience with over 100,000 copies sold.* Available in five different languages, it has garnered more than 260 four plus star reviews on Amazon and over 180 four plus star ratings on Goodreads.  

Writer/Producer/Director - Peter Alessandria

Peter started his career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles. Working in Hollywood sparked his creative interests and he soon became an amateur photographer and filmmaker as well as attorney. After losing his law practice in 2008 in the Global Financial Crisis, Peter made the leap to pursue his creative passions full-time. Today, he is an award-winning, internationally-published photographer, author, TEDx speaker and filmmaker based in the New York City area. You can find out more about Peter on his websites and social media pages: 



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